World survey ranks kenya as one of the happiest countries globally

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If a Kenyan stands in a line with a Tanzanian, a Ugandan and a Rwandese, he would appear the happiest of them all.
The 2019 survey released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network said Kenyans are the 17th happiest in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The UN report released Wednesday said Kenya is position 121 globally with (4.509) points out of a possible score of 10.
The 2019 survey was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network as part of the UN World Happiness Day observed on March 20.
It seems Kenyans are getting happier after moving three positions up from last year’s global ranking at position 124.
Somalis are 5th happiest in Africa, Kenyans 13th Mauritius is for the second time in a row the happiest country in Sub-Saharan Africa followed by Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast to seal the top five.

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Kenya also ranks higher than its East African neighbours Uganda (136) Burundi (145) Rwanda (152) Tanzania (153)
Most African countries generally scored poorly, with South Sudan being ranked the unhappiest country at position (156)
The World Happiness Report, ranks 156 countries by happiness levels, based on factors such as life expectancy, social support, generosity, healthy life expectancy, corruption.
“Among factors that are making sub-saharan African countries unhappy include: high levels of corruption, poor health services and conflicts”, the report noted.
Finland has been crowned the happiest country in the world for the second year in a row, leading a top ten that is made up of five Nordic nations.
The study also noted that people who are more satisfied with their lives may feasibly disengage from politics, having already reached a level of comfortable apathy. In this sense, it has been speculated that raising happiness could lead to “an emptying of democracy”.
One chapter of the 136- page report is dedicated to emerging health problems. The prevalence of addictions in American society seems to be on the rise. They include gambling, social media use, video gaming, shopping and consuming unhealthy foods.
World Happiness Report, an initiative of the UN, is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness, aimed at influencing government policy.
The report uses data from Gallup World Poll surveys.
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